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  • Court Pleadings from Civil, Criminal, Circuit, County and Small Claims Courts


    Pleadings are formal written documents that are filed with the court as part of a civil lawsuit. Pleadings become part of the case file, and which means they are a public record unless ordered sealed by the court.

    The court's procedural rules tell you what needs to be included in a pleading, how it should look, where it should be filed, whether there are any filing fees, and so on. Usually, no matter the jurisdiction, a pleading must contain the name of the court, the title of the lawsuit (known as the "caption") and the docket number, if one has been assigned.

  • Filing of a New Case, Summons, Subpoenas and other Court Pleadings


    we are appointed by the Sheriff.

    In Florida, all persons involved in a lawsuit must be served with copies of the Initial Pleading for Persons Served.

    At the time of personal service of process a copy of the initial pleading shall be delivered to the party upon whom service is made.

    Every subpoena for testimony before the court shall be issued by an attorney of record in an action or by the clerk under the seal of the court and shall state the name of the court and the title of the action and shall command each person to whom it is directed to attend and give testimony at a time and place specified in it.

    All process shall be served by the sheriff of the county where the person to be served is found, except initial nonenforceable civil process, criminal witness subpoenas, and criminal summonses may be served by a special process server appointed by the sheriff as provided for in this section or by a certified process server as provided for in ss. 48.25-48.31. Civil witness subpoenas may be served by any person authorized by rules of civil procedure.

  • Certification of Documents by The Clerk of Courts


    Clerks of Court and Comptrollers are elected constitutional officers, who protect your interests while in charge of Office.

    As Clerks, they serve as the keeper of court records, documenting our lives from birth to death.

    The Clerk's office performs more than 1,000 different constitutional and statutory functions or duties, representing the broadest and most diverse mantle of responsibility of any locally elected official., can retrieve your Court Documents and have them certified by the Clerk.
  • Copying Court Documents


    The number of case files and dockets still in hard copy is still pretty big, they can be obtained, sometimes within the same day, unless they are being reviewed by someone at the time of the request or are in the Records Center, where paper files in closed cases are housed after one year or more.

    Clerk's Office staff can tell you whether the file is in the courthouse or at the Federal Records Center. can and will obtain the Documents you need when you need them. Just give us a call at (305)379-3900

  • Document Research


    Judicial Research is your one stop service provider for Court Documents specialized Research & Retrieval Services Nationwide.

    Bulk Discounts available by Contract Call Chase A. Lalani for details. Tel (305)345-3970
  • Litigation Support


    We understand that building a successful law practice in today's competitive marketplace takes more than just technical expertise - it takes a team. Saltmarsh has built a team of professionals serving the legal services industry, so that you can draw on the diverse experience and expertise of our staff.

    Whether in our traditional tax and accounting services or in specialized areas of practice such as accounting, business valuation, investment advisory or management consulting, our team of analysts, and consultants are here to serve your needs and help your firm achieve its goals.
    Copying Services Off-Site and On-Site
  • Document Duplications


  • Scanning of Documents


  • Indexing


  • Bates Labeling


  • Binding & Collating


  • Trial Exhibits, Blowups.


  • Board Mounting (Color and B&W)


  • CD, DVD and X-Ray Duplications


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In House Private Investigations Services by MagickPI.

a. Criminal & Civil Investigations
b. Background Checks
c. Interview & Interrogation
d. Personal Injury Investigation
e. Wrongful Death Investigations
f. Undercover Investigators

g. Security / Loss Preventions
h. Insurance and Mortgage Fraud Investigations

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Judicial Research is your one stop service provider:
Court Document Research & Retrieval Services: (Nationwide)
We also provide Video Depositions and Accident Animation support services. Bulk Discounts available by Contract Call Chase A. Lalani for details. Tel (305)345-3970

  • Due Diligence Inquiries


    Provides you and your company with an effective and efficient inquiry and analysis for your due diligence needs. We have been providers of such a service for the entire Continental USA for over 20 years.

    We also Provide this servide for corporations looking to do business in some countries of the European Union related to U.S. Law.

    Our focus is the U.S. Our service is best fitted where service of process is most unwelcome.
  • Collecting, Reviewing & Analyzing Evidence


    Our Investigators and laboratory personnel work together to determine the most probative pieces of evidence and to establish priorities.

    And they are trained and aware of important issues involved in the identification, collection, processing, transportation, and storage of DNA evidence.

    These issues are as important for the first responding patrol officer as they are for our experienced Private Investigators and crime scene specialists.

    Biological material may contain hazardous pathogens such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the hepatitis B virus that can cause potentially lethal diseases.

    Given the sensitive nature of DNA evidence, officers should always contact their laboratory personnel and or experienced collection technicians when collection questions arise.

  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction


    When accidents happen, it is often not enough to simply say that something went wrong.

    An accident investigative report based on sound and knowledgeable accident reconstruction techniques can safely determine exactly what happened and also can help prevent future accidents.

    Additionally, Our accident investigators can provide expert testimony in trials to hold the correct party accountable for the damage incurred by the accident.